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I've done my best to make sure this answers as much as possible, but if you have any questions, ideas, feedback, whatever, please get in touch!


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Hey, I'm Andy.


After 10+ years as a founder leading companies, I decided to be a coach to help other founders navigate the challenges of a leader's inner and outer game.

Before coaching, I co-founded Mattermark (as COO) and Holloway (as CEO).

I love working with individual CEOs, founders, & executives as they scale from “wiggles of product-market-fit” to IPO.

You can read more about me here or in my Operating Manual: Andy Sparks.

More About Me

My Resource Library

Frameworks, resources, etc. can easily become a crutch. Often what leaders need is someone to listen and ask the right questions. But sometimes, a situation may call for a helpful article, podcast, framework, book (or just an excerpt from a book).

I keep a library of resources like this that I am constantly adding to, and if it feels like one resource could be helpful, I'll share it with you.